Periscope Data Team

Periscope Data is built by an energetic team of hackers working out of San Francisco. We love our customers, cold brew on tap, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, “wait a minute...”

Our Investors

We're backed by two of the best venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

Our Team

Russell loves to make people happy. He has worked at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, so he likes Disney. He enjoys rollerblading and playing soccer in his free time.
Dalia is passionate about learning and building with others! She's fueled by thoughtful conversations, delicious soul food, and moments of silence. In her free time, she enjoys meditation, picnics, reading, and baking shows.
Samira started her career in cause marketing at international organizations in Vienna. After living in 3 continents and 6 countries, she moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career in tech. She relishes the dynamic, challenging nature of sales and is passionate about art, writing, and photography.
Originally from Athens, Greece, Leo moved to the Bay in 2013. After work, you can find Leo swimming laps, playing soccer, making music or cooking. On the weekends, you can find Leo surfing Santa Cruz or Pacifica.
I'm one of the more patient people you will meet and am known for being calm in stressful environments. Exploring new countries is my passion while growth and ambition are my fuel. I'm a sports junkie that loves rainy weather and nature. I also enjoy house projects and hope to build a workshop in my garage someday.
Kevin was born here in the Bay Area, went down to UCLA for education, and then came back up to Northern California for his career. In his free time, he's often reading, enjoying most anything from fantasy, historical fiction, and even just the news.
Kayvon is from the bay area and currently lives in Walnut Creek. Lover of sales, making a difference, movies, concerts, playing tennis, and classic cars.
Mike is a Bay Area native that loves spending time with his wife, friends, family & French bulldog Tapas. He enjoys sports, music, movies, and travel. Outside of work, you can find him splashing 3’s on the basketball court, going on a run outside, enjoying a craft beer, or traveling to different parts of the world.
Ben moved here from Boston to start a new life at Periscope! He loves snowboarding, hockey and tennis, and is always down for a lunchtime trip to Chipotle.
Born and bred in SF, Connie has gone from working as a chemical engineer manipulating and using data to a software engineer who builds platforms and tools to help people with data. When she's not at a screen you can find her training in muay thai, playing video games, enjoying a book, or traveling to enjoy the food.
Aiza lives in SF with her husband and young daughter. A lover of the outdoors, she enjoys camping, fishing and foraging with her family. Previously, she worked on the Foreign Exchange Trading Floor for 10 years assisting customers achieve success with their international needs.
Growing up in Chicago left Enass with a healthy dose of Midwest nice, but a serious aversion to cold weather. She appreciates a job well done, but also enjoys traveling, reading, and playing video games in her spare time.
Originally from Southern California, Tracy has spent the second half of her life in NorCal. Her background is in industrial engineering, measurement science, operations, and analytics. She spent the majority of the last 8.5 years designing operations for a travel company and she is passionate about data and people!
Despite his name, Bryan isn’t only about the Benjamins. After mastering unstructured content at Box, he’s excited to pursue his fascination with data analytics. Outside of work, he’s always torn between exploring the outdoors and staying inside to read a good book.
Serra has lived in Connecticut, Colorado, and California, and loves to travel the world! She loves spending time outdoors with her black lab Mason, and also enjoys doing stand-up and improv comedy shows! She is keen to solve interesting problems and help businesses grow through insightful use of data - let's do this!
Chi-Chi joins Periscope from Grovo which was acquired by Cornerstone OnDemand. She has also worked across a variety of startups (Lookout, Vontu) and Fortune 500 companies (Symantec, Accenture), including a stint in London. When not at work, you'll find her in a dance class or trying the latest restaurants or wineries!
A Michigan native, Ra'Monne took his passion for Tech and Information Security and moved to the Bay Area, now calling San Francisco home. When he's not busy chasing his energetic son, he enjoys the SF foodie scene, basketball and any chance he can to break out his passport and travel to a new destination.
Melissa is a California gal through-and-through. After a few years in the Bay Area, she grew curious about that little thing called tech and learned to write software. When she's not working, you can find her training for her next marathon or hunting down her next burrito.
Born in the UK, Sanya moved to California in 2011. Sanya is passionate about everything Legal since she was 18, and enjoys legal work that most people dread or find boring. Sanya loves cooking, traveling with her husband, and her dog - Andre!
Jermaine grew up in Singapore and joined Periscope to work up and down the software stack. He thought typing wasn’t a high value skill until entering ‘rm -rf *’ in the terminal. When he isn’t working, he likes duct taping yeast to juice and discovering the ultimate fruit wine!
A New York native, Max flew across the country and pursued his lifelong dream of living on the west coast. When he's not helping businesses recognize the power of data, you can find him attending a concert, photographing San Francisco, or searching for the best pizza in town.
After studying music in Boston, Laura moved back to the Bay Area to be closer to friends and family. She loves engaging with others on a personal and professional level. In her free time you can find her writing and playing music and looking for new, fun ways to stay healthy.
Growing up in Vermont, Riley moved to the Bay Area to feed his high ambitions and be around other motivated individuals. He is a deep-thinker and enjoys holding high-level conversations about making the most out of life. Outside of work, you can find him with friends, playing guitar, camping, or by the Foosball table.
Originally from MD, Laura moved to SF to pursue her career and escape the East Coast winters. She loves watching animated shows and playing video games with her friends, as well as exploring nature and new cities with her dog. I told my family I moved to pursue my career, but it was really for the tacos.
Alex hails from Michigan (how many Alex’s from Michigan does one company need? Two, apparently) but life brought him to San Francisco to continue his career in tech sales. When not closing deals, Alex enjoys pretending to be a chef, watching sports and chasing around his Jack Russel Terrier.
Praneal came out West (from Central California) with his sights on making a fortune and did even better. Spent time with the likes of and was at the forefront of a small company that dominated its space and was acquired by GE. Greatest riches though have come from family (+ golf and snowboarding).
Sylvie joined Periscope Data to continue her mission of driving value for customers. On weekends, you can find this Bay Area native searching for sunshine on hikes with her husband, daughter and dog.
After leaving Stanford with a BS in Earth Systems and MS in Water Solutions, Lauren began her career at Oracle, followed by Channel Sales at Airware. She worked at NASA recalibrating the Aquarius satellite, researched sanitation ponds in Uganda, and developed Singularity University's Global Grand Challenges curriculum.
Alexa is a Washington DC transplant who moved to Napa after college to attend culinary school in wine country. She worked in restaurant management for 8 years and even helped write a book about wine. Now she just enjoys cooking at home and uses her passion for great service to connect with customers.
Born in LA, but having lived in Arizona, Michigan, France, and New York prior to coming to SF, Anna has lived in many places and loves bringing together people from different backgrounds. She is passionate about diversity, psychology, reading, and writing. She received a BA in English from Columbia University.
Hailing from Palm Beach, FL. Steve moved to SF with dreams of taking his career and personal life to the next level. He came to Periscope Data to help customers make data driven decisions. He enjoys sports, being outside, socializing with friends, attending live music shows, and is a big history and arts enthusiast.
From being born and raised in the Bay Area to studying Cultural Anthropology at UCLA, Cody has always been committed to building and enhancing diverse communities. When she is not searching for amazing candidates, you can catch her on the dance floor or cuddling her pup, Maxx!
Taylor joined Periscope Data to lead design and help bring the creative vision to life. She loves learning how design relates to marketing performance. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her Bengal cat, Enzo, trying out the latest IPAs at local breweries and catching up on the latest leader in Formula 1.
Originally from the mean streets of suburban Utah, Andrew joined Periscope to build software that customers love with a team of kind and smart folks. He enjoys running, yoga, musicals, and being outside - despite his stubborn, underperforming melanocytes.
Namitha grew up in the east bay area and after a 6 year hiatus in San Diego, was lured back to dive deep into data analytics at Periscope Data and be closer to her family dog! When not working or at home with her dog, you can find her watching a movie or show, drawing/painting, dancing, or exploring with friends.
Originally from San Diego, Shahin was brought to the bay to attend UC Berkeley. His love of startups and all things tech kept him in the bay area. When he isn't helping companies optimize how they use their data, he spends his days surfing in Pacifica, manages a football team (mostly fantasy), and watches movies.
Franklin’s been creative from the start — crafting stories, writing songs, spray painting the walls of his school at night. He thinks it’s awesome that companies want to pay him to play with words. A TX native who lived abroad for a decade, Franklin recently relocated to SF to sit next to Adam (& work at Periscope).
Nelson is an analytical, data-focused marketer with 5+ years of experience. He is also a Marketo nerd. Outside of work, Nelson is an environmental conservation STAN(an extremely dedicated supporter), a plant-based diet connoisseur, a pokemon trainer, and a hiker. As you can see from his nickname, he LOVES oxymorons.
Originally from San Francisco, Derek landed in the world of tech after 8 years in NYC and working in Finance. Upon leaving the machine, Derek found his way to Periscope via a close friend. Outside of work he enjoys watching Bay Area sports, traveling and concerts!
Govind is a passionate software professional. He is fortunate to have worked at Boeing, Symantec and OpenTable. He is excited to join Periscope Data to help his teammates thrive, turn data teams into superheroes and have fun improving his craft. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, reading and an outing with his family.
Donald has split his years between Nigeria and the US, landing in the Bay Area in 2014 to put his Georgia Tech education to use. He enjoys watching/playing soccer and tennis, listening to oldies, and keeping up with the intricacies of world affairs.
Originally from Oregon, Rob settled in the Bay Area by way of LA and NY five years ago. He's a recovering marketer who enjoys crafting stories and helping executives find their voice. When not PRing things, he enjoys cooking, wine and spending time with his husband Andrew and their long-haired dachshund, Lexington.
Mike moved to the Bay from NJ to make great products that have tangible impact. He's held Product Management roles in a variety of industries including Education, Finance, AI/ML, and Data Analytics. In his downtime, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons having fun outdoors or cooking up a storm at home.
Hailing from the great city of Tampa, Florida and the great field of Finance, Skip combines his passion for data with his passion for people as a member of the Solutions team. If he's not at the office, you can find him at home, curled up with a good book, keeping warm next to a 10-hour long Youtube fireplace.
Ray joins Periscope as the MVP of MVPs, working tirelessly to improve team productivity with hacks and prototypes. Outside the office, you might find him in the ceramics studio or enjoying nature.
You can find me either riding my bike around the Bay, eating something delicious, or taking care of my Ball Python Olivia. Having recently graduated from Sonoma State University, I am excited to be apart of the Periscope Data team!
An East Coast native come SF transplant, she came to Periscope after a stint as a massage therapist and now uses her hands to help our customers thrive. She lives in SF with her husband and toddler. Outside the office, you'll find her at concerts, dinosaur-hunting with her son, at the gym, fire hooping or crafting!
Ty is an InfoSec leader with 12+ years of experience focused on application, product and information security programs for Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, LendingClub and Target. Ty graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Information Science & Technology and from Norwich University with a M.S. in Information Assurance.
An Oregon Native and lover of all things outdoors. When not helping customers maximize the value they deserve from Periscope Data, Sam can be found backpacking, hiking, camping, playing basketball or doing anything that involves being active.
While not enjoying the finer things in life (aka Toro, Amaebi, & Sake), Miranda enjoys spending her time rotating through various fitness classes, renovating her home, and reading psychology books. As a Santa Barbara grad, she has mastered the art of GSD while leaving enough time to soak up the sun before the days end.
Bay area native specifically Marin County. I enjoy wine tasting excursions up north in Sonoma and Napa County. Outside of the office, some of my favorite things are traveling to amazing beaches, camping, hiking and Go Dubs!
Caitlan joins Periscope to help customers find the fun in data analytics. When she is not writing SQL queries, she writes Chinese calligraphy to relax and unwind. She enjoys cooking for her family and friends and dreams of one day owning a professional grade kitchen with unique cooking gadgets.
Adam grew up in the Midwest and learned to write at the University of Missouri and USC. If he’s not writing marketing content, he’s probably reading, running or podcasting about reality TV. Adam still lives in the wholesome part of the ’90s and occasionally loses hours to Youtube holes about math/logic problems.
James started his career at a SaaS company in London before moving to the US. After working in mobile A/B testing, he developed a love for data and Periscope was the perfect fit. He lives in Sausalito with his wife and Pug, Kobe. Outside of work you'll find him at the gym, on a bike, or enjoying a pint of amber nectar.
After years of moving from the West Coast to the East Coast and then back again (and then again a few more times), Kathy is now settled down in the bay area. She is a championship parallel parker, makes excellent banana bread, and knows the Trolls and Sing soundtracks by heart.
Frank is an Oakland native and Northwestern grad who loves writing and telling great stories. When he's not driving Periscope Data's public relations and creating customer case studies, he enjoys playing baseball, watching the Golden State Warriors and eating Goldfish crackers.
Erin loves to start her days early, using pre-dawn workouts (and sometimes a strong cup of coffee) to set the stage for creative mornings. When she's not helping companies anticipate and solve their data needs, she can be found coaching early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs looking to drive their businesses forward.
Neha is a bay area native who has mastered every form of public transportation in the vicinity. When she isn't exploring, she enjoys dancing (Bollywood preferred), trying new recipes, exchanging cringe-worthy puns, and reading historical fiction. She's excited to join the growing and amazing team at Periscope Data!
I am a Bay area native that has lived all over California including Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos) and South Lake Tahoe. If you can't find me at work then I'm underwater protecting you from the coming abalone invasion.
An East Bay native and a big data enthusiast, Louisa joined Periscope to help businesses realize the power of data. Outside the office, you can find her at a hardcore kickboxing class, indulging in wine, cheese and chocolates, and avoiding all feathery flying foes.
Originally from Vietnam, Trinity has lived in 3 countries, 4 states, and traveled to 23. When not marketing and positioning Periscope Data, you'll find her dancing, hosting dinners, or rewatching Game of Thrones.
Just a small town boy from Half Moon Bay, Ben's peak happiness occurs when he is whipping up some tasty grinds in the kitchen, getting his hands dirty in his garden or wiggling his toes in the shores of the Pacific. And when he's joined by his wife, daughter and 2 dogs when doing any of the above, all the better!
Having lived in over 5 different countries and 11 different cities, Gaurav is natural at making friends. He builds software, loves picking up new sports/games, and is a sucker for food (ask how his new diet is going). Just don’t tell him that you appreciate rhymes/puns, or he’ll start using those in all conversations.
A recent graduate of Cal and former college lacrosse player, Nick has lived in the Bay his whole life. With a background in bogged down data teams, Nick is constantly trying to facilitate unified collaboration and data sharing. Aside from data, football (Raiders) and Mexican food (Maya) are the topics of discussion.
A warm-blooded Southern Californian with an appetite for taking things apart and putting them back together, Arthur loves to understand the customer life cycle to provide the ultimate experience. Outside of work, you can find him racing cars at the track, building computers, or playing volleyball.
After some time geeking out as a neuroscientist in NYC and a few years adventuring through the Americas on bike and in a tent, Erica landed in the heart of the SF tech scene. When she isn’t sharing best practices with customers, you can find Erica surfing, climbing and exploring the art scene.
I took a year off to travel in 2014 and thought about leaving my software career to go to cooking school at the time. After many weeks of harsh training in Italy, I decided that living in the bay area and building software is my bliss :D
Sam joined Periscope Data from the early stage startup world of engineering (like pre PR review startups). Outside of the office you might see him at improv shows, fist bumping friends, hacking on side projects at Noisebridge, or eating foods with plenty of colors.
Steven has been taming Big Data for over two decades. He has helped some of the world's largest semiconductor companies get the most out of their manufacturing data. Whether he is playing bass guitar or going on a long run, he is always thinking of new tricks to teach Big Data.
Tristan migrated from Philadelphia to the Bay Area for greater access to tacos and tech. He loves listening to customer stories and matching solutions to pain points. If he isn't in the office, he's probably visiting clients or adding new stamps to his passport.
Originally from the East Bay, college tennis took me away, but now I'm back in the bay, and here to stay. When I'm not helping data teams become more unified and collaborative with their analytics workflow, I'm usually playing pick up sports, listening to tropical house music or enjoying a peaceful day at Dolores!
Chingju loves solving problems for people. Writing high-quality software that improves people's lives is one of the tools in her toolbox. Other tools are: Tarot reading, counseling, advice giving, and cheering. She's also a bookworm at heart and loves drinking boba tea.
Ajay's life is one big writer's block that he's been trying to carve his way through. Born a Brit and raised a Virginian, he's failed to adopt either accent and, after reading some Mark Twain, decided to build web services instead.
Olivia stumbled upon Data Visualization after graduation while trying to find a field where art and engineering intersect. Since then she has been fascinated by how empowering data can be. She enjoys tea, art and trying out new ramen places.
After stints in the California and Australian wine industries, David launched into the data analytics space. He’s an avid road tripper and usually planning his next weekend excursion snowboarding, hiking, camping, or wine tasting.
Dharmesh is a team builder, technologist, lifelong learner, entrepreneurial, caffeine lover, and an occasional foodie. To unwind, he likes to stay outdoors, running, hiking, biking, camping, etc with friends and family. He never misses an opportunity to wear shorts.
Bochuan is a cat lover, traveler and designer. She enjoys making delicate glass sculptures, collecting designs around the world and creating sketch books for her trips. She tries to enjoy, remember, and constantly develop values that make life interesting and meaningful for her.
Unable to make a living playing badminton, Elaine decided to make use of her Stanford education to get a job instead. Since then, she has built many products and engineering teams at various companies. She is thrilled to join the Periscope team to help get stuff done.
Chris worked at Facebook for a number of years before making the plunge to a smaller company. In his spare time, he works as an HH-60G Flight Engineer in the California Air National Guard. For fun, he enjoys video games, making and drinking coffee, playing soccer and hockey, and watching opera.
Audrey moved to San Francisco in 2015 to escape New York's winters. On the weekends, you can find her rock climbing, volunteering at the animal shelter, or hunting down the perfect cup of coffee.
Originally from the East Coast, Tessa moved to the Bay Area for two main reasons: the arts and the outdoors. If she’s not at the opera or symphony, chances are you’ll find her skiing or camped out on the side of a mountain.
Originally from New Jersey, Ryan now calls the East Bay home. He is interested in music, psychology, and urban planning, but software engineering is his day job. He previously worked on the backend and billing system at freelance-writing startup Scripted.
Originally from snowy Toronto, and having just come from rainy Vancouver, Norman is excited to finally be in sunny San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys biking around town, running, hiking, and learning Japanese.
Adam is excited to help companies unleash the power of their data. As a Monterey, CA native you can find him at the beach surfing or spearfishing in his free time.
“Segar” joins Periscope Data to continue his love affair with startups, all things data, and escape the snow! He loves dreaming up creative, outside-the-box solutions for customers and mentoring aspiring Sales Engineers. When you need to find him outside the office you should probably start by calling Disneyland.
After a stint in NYC, Gina came to her senses and moved back to the California sunshine. Outside of taking care of our people and making Periscope Data the best place to work, Gina enjoys going to concerts, Broadway shows, San Francisco's art museums, and cheering on her favorite hockey team (Go Ducks!).
Shobhit joins Periscope Data's engineering team from a background in satellite imaging. He has a love of all things outdoors, from Winter skiing to Summer cycling and all-year-round backpacking in beautiful California.
Born and raised in LA, Josephine went from extracting teeth to extracting value from big data. When she's not tackling SQL, you can find her trying way too hard at local trivia nights or board games. (Think you can beat her at a game of Catan? Challenge accepted.)
Holly has lived everywhere from Boston to Berlin, and is quite happy to be back in the Bay Area. Her background in renewable energy led to her being an international relations junkie, keeping up with foreign affairs and cooking cuisine from around the world.
Coming to the bay from his native Ohio, Kyle loves traveling the world and learning about history. Being from Cleveland, he is a die hard Cleveland Sports fan—especially greatest player of all time, Lebron James.
The only thing Jen loves more than searching for top talent is cookie dough ice cream. In addition to satisfying her sugar craving and matchmaking at work, Jen enjoys jogging, traveling, and rooting for her favorite sports teams (Go Giants!)
When Melanie is not interviewing candidates, you can find her enjoying a glass of wine (or three) at one of SF's phenomenal restaurants or hanging out with her pup, Bodie. She also loves broadway shows, and listens to the Hamilton cast album daily!
This Orange County native spent a year in Australia before settling into her creaky victorian apartment. When not exploring the SF foodie scene, she can be found on an elliptical, beachin’ it or reading at the dog park so she can pet other people's dogs.
Aris comes from Malaysia and was lured to the Bay Area by the exciting tech scene here. Outside of work, he enjoys playing ice hockey and making things with 3D printing and Arduino chips, his proudest work being his self-watering garden.
The warm glow of Edison bulbs and black chalkboard menus call to Leon like the song of the Sirens. Leon found his love of data while analyzing pharmaceutical formularies and joins Periscope to share his passion of numbers with the world.
Rose was born and raised in sunny South Bay and moved up north to run the hilly SF streets. She previously designed and built tools at Informatica and is excited to be thrown into the world of web.
Sangeeta is a design enthusiast at heart who strives to create simple and useful design. In a parallel world, She is an Indian classical dancer and likes to travel and consume all things related to art history.
Mark is a recovering Canadian political staffer who joined Periscope Data to help supercharge their pipeline. His interests include "crushing it", high fives, eating oysters, and self-deprecating humor.
Alex moved from Michigan to the Bay Area in 2012 where he found the wonderful world of software sales. Despite moving across the country, his hobbies stayed the same, playing hockey three times a week and golf when the weather permits.
Charlotte grew up in the cold winters of Chicago and is thrilled to be in sunny San Francisco with Periscope Data! She graduated from the University of Michigan and loves writing SQL queries and introducing people to coding and crafts.
A Bay Area native who landed in the tech industry by chance. Lisa has a masters in GSD, is fluent in sarcasm and suffers from FOMO. When she's not tinkering with Salesforce, she's bullying boys on the soccer field or hanging with family & friends.
Lisa is everyone's go-to resource at Periscope Data and makes sure we're moving as smoothly as the product. As a California native she would never give up San Francisco, sunny beaches or ocean sunsets.
Jon firmly believes in the power of data and is excited to help Periscope Data spread the love. Outside of work, he nerds out over languages and gets excited to practice Spanish in the 94110 (con un montón de tacos, obvio).
Nicole has a wanderlust and has visited more than 20 countries. At Periscope Data she gets to connect with companies all over the world, sharing how Periscope Data can help them easily visualize key data trends and make better strategic decisions.
Joe joined Periscope Data to build the Sales Development team. He enjoys any combination of golf, BBQ, beaches, and craft beer (preferably all of the above).
An East Bay transplant, Chris joins Periscope Data to spread his love of all things data. If he isn't sharing the hottest tips for making dashboards magical, you'll find him outside droning and taking photos.
After surviving 4 cold winters at Cornell, Caroline hurried back to the sunshine of her native Golden State! She remains a loyal Laker fan despite the Warrior-mania, and is excited to help businesses make better decisions with Periscope Data!
Sunny loves learning new things and sharing them with people, which is why she is now at Periscope Data! Previously, she graduated from Princeton and then worked in finance to practice reading the mind of the Federal Reserve.
Andreas moved to San Francisco to chase his startup dreams with Frenvu. Following his backend work with algorithm design, he joined Periscope Data to help others find the fun side of data. He consumes anything hockey related.
Rya moved to SF lured with the promise of lots of data. She quickly fell in love with Periscope, and the rest is history. At Periscope, she turns her inquisitive mind towards product management and making Periscope the analytics tool of the future.
After leaving Google to join Periscope Data, Jason promptly began rebuilding Periscope Data's backend services in Go. Before Google, Jason was lord of backend engineering at SF-based startup Tokbox.
Ganz joined Periscope Data from Google, where he ran dozens of A/B tests on the search results page, generating billions in new revenue. At Periscope Data he hacks on all levels of the stack.
Periscope Data was started in Tom's apartment, where he built the first version of the product in a weekend. He leads Periscope Data's engineering efforts, and holds the coveted customer-facing bugfix record. (10 minutes!)
Harry makes sure Periscope Data has money in the bank, the best team on the field, and a grand vision for empowering data scientists the world over. In his spare time he still checks in a little code, much to the annoyance of the other engineers.